Mind & Matter: Some South African Book-Artists’s Experiences with ‘Other’ Materials.

The New Bookbinder /  David Paton |  In the small but resilient South African book-arts community, limited resources bring out the best of alternative book-making practices.

“Lossgott engages in acts of thinking-through making, believing that it is our responsibility as makers to be accountable and ethical within the Anthropocene: the post-Industrial Revolution period during which humanity has begun to have a significant impact on the environment. ‘We have to fundamentally rethink materiality and the way in which we as subjects desire our mobility to be animated through objects. … Territory, violence and injustice prevail in the life cycle of many raw materials, especially those attractive to capitalist greed’ states Lossgott (2015).”


Features books by:  Heléne van Aswegen, Diane Victor, Kai Lossgott, Judith Mason, William Kentridge & Philip Miller
Master Bookbinders: Arthur Wadman, Johann Maree, Peter Carstens, Lunetta Bartz