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Lossgott questions being-human in solo

Beeld /  AJ Opperman |  Kai Lossgott, winner of the L’Atelier art award in 2015, in his solo exhibition questions humanity in a time in which our being-human implies that our environment is being destroyed.

Herewith human identity is also destroyed, and therefore Lossgott asks amongst other questions whether the idea of being human should possibly be redefined.

“In my artist statement I call the exhibition retro sci-fi,” says Lossgott.

“We are in a time in which die destruction of our environment means that we are destroying ourselves. In something like The Matrix there are things from the past that are now strange to us, but in sci-fi it works.  Therefore you can also see the hunter-gatherer as an ancestor for one day in the future, or a figure that can speak about the post-apocalyptic, in which scenarios of the end of the world appear daily in a newspaper.”

lees AFR  >>  Lossgott bevraagteken menswees in solo. AJ Opperman.  Beeld, 26 Mei 2017.  Johannesburg: Caxton Press.

read ENG (coming soon)  >>  Lossgott questions humanity in solo. AJ Opperman.  Beeld, 26 May 2017.  Johannesburg: Caxton Press.