Inconvenient Wonders

Art Africa /  Nadine Bilong |  Cameroonian art critic & curator, Nadine Bilong, explores the curious gaze of the hunter-gatherer, survivalist aesthetics, as well as the paradox of waste as presented by performance artist, Kai Lossgott, in his work Hunter-gatherer.

“The focus on the ‘waste’ object is a way to identify and integrate the invisible in our orders of being. Even in denial and avoidance, we are permanently in relationship with these unseen invisibles that comprise of our entity. By rendering these visible, Kai Lossgott challenges us on the opacity of transparency.”

Kai Lossgott, hunter-gatherer

Kai Lossgott, hunter-gatherer, 2016. Production still from performance with wearable postconsumer plastic sculpture and found objects; 3 hrs, Schillerpromenade, Berlin. Photo: top e. v. Image courtesy of the artist.