Creating a Climate of Faith in Paris


Kai Lossgott, production still from the performance hunter-gatherer, 2016. Wearable post-consumer plastic sculpture and found objects, from the ‘eternal life suit’ series from ‘project carbon.’ Photograph: Dolores Bouckaert. Courtesy of the artist.

Art South Africa /  Kai Lossgott |    After the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, artist Kai Lossgott reflects on experimental communal practices, social art projects and effective mobilisation in defiance of disaster fatigue.

“On 12 December 2015, one hundred and ninety-five nations reached a landmark climate agreement on carbon emissions at COP21 in Paris. Attending alongside official negotiations, many of my fellow artists and activists were guests in Paris; from India, Bolivia, South Africa and beyond. We were there to mobilise and monitor dialogue around climate change.”

read>> Creating a Climate of Faith in Paris. Kai Lossgott. Art Africa Magazine, March 2015.