Breathing Life into the City

Suzy Bell | Cape Times:  He is fascinated by biocentricity and has worked with the delicacy of engraving a poem on to a leaf to reference cellular memory and engrams, he is interested in digital media and has created and directed experimental films and performed at poetry festivals. Artist Kai Lossgott says he is in search of visual narratives, bio-physical language patterns and the vulnerable instincts that drive him – sensitivity silence and acts of sensing, “In a human-centred world my aim is most often to work from a life-centred perspective.” he says. He is also a curator who presents City Breath, a festival of video poetry and performance this weekend at Labia on Orange, where 20 short experimental films on four South African cities will be screened. …


Bell, Suzy.  Breathing Life into the City.  Cape Times, 28 May 2010.