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“With images delicate as pinpricks on skin, Kai Lossgott translates the dreaming human body into a universal anatomy of nerve and leaf and root – fragile but resilient. This luminous work is a love poem, an invocation, and a declaration of communion with a complex living world.”

Henrietta Rose-Innes, winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing 2008, on “Talking to the tree outside my window while I sleep”

“Captures the unfolding transnational zeitgeist of the twenty-first century.”

Alexandra Dodd, art writer and researcher, on LETTERS FROM THE SKY, Art South Africa Magazine, Vol 10 Issue 03, Autumn 2012.

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Lossgott questions being-human in solo

Beeld /  AJ Opperman |  Kai Lossgott, winner of the L’Atelier art award in 2015, in his solo exhibition questions humanity in a time in which our being-human implies that our environment is being destroyed. Herewith human identity is also destroyed, and therefore Lossgott asks amongst other questions whether the idea of being human should possibly be redefined. […]

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Rubbish art makes powerful statement on what it means to be human

The Times /  Layla Leiman |  The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway was designed as an impregnable deep freeze to protect the world’s most precious seeds from global disasters and ensure humanity’s food supply. Last week it flooded due to permafrost melting caused by global warming.  … It’s an uncanny coincidence that Kai Lossgott’s solo […]


Inconvenient Wonders

Art Africa /  Nadine Bilong |  Cameroonian art critic & curator, Nadine Bilong, explores the curious gaze of the hunter-gatherer, survivalist aesthetics, as well as the paradox of waste as presented by performance artist, Kai Lossgott, in his work Hunter-gatherer. “The focus on the ‘waste’ object is a way to identify and integrate the invisible in our […]


Mind & Matter: Some South African Book-Artists’s Experiences with ‘Other’ Materials.

The New Bookbinder /  David Paton |  In the small but resilient South African book-arts community, limited resources bring out the best of alternative book-making practices. “Lossgott engages in acts of thinking-through making, believing that it is our responsibility as makers to be accountable and ethical within the Anthropocene: the post-Industrial Revolution period during which humanity […]


Creating a Climate of Faith in Paris

Art South Africa /  Kai Lossgott |    After the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, artist Kai Lossgott reflects on experimental communal practices, social art projects and effective mobilisation in defiance of disaster fatigue. “On 12 December 2015, one hundred and ninety-five nations reached a landmark climate agreement on carbon emissions at COP21 in Paris. Attending […]


When Language Meets an Ecosystem

Denise Newman / Hazel White |  World Literature Today: In the following essay, the authors look at poets and visual artists who use language in ways that blur the line between disciplines, with a particular emphasis on the environment. “What happens to language when we place it in landscape? Does it admit our isolation from physical […]


FLITS: Gallery – Barclays L’Atelier, Kai Lossgott

Interview with Kai Lossgott, winner of die Barclays l’Atelier 2016, FLITS Gallery, kykNET (DSTV channel 144)  AFR / ENG Onderhoud met Kai Lossgott, wenner van die Barclays l’Atelier 2016, FLITS Gallery, kykNET (DSTV channel 144)  AFR / ENG  


Kai Lossgott scoops Barclays L’Atelier Award ’15

Lyn Holm | South African Art Times: “As artists, we often deal with other people’s perceptions of failure and success.  The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  We have to live and work experimentally to figure out an existence that will enable our voices to be heard clearly in an overwhelming age.  I would like […]


Winner of the 2015 Barclays l’Atelier: Kai Lossgott

Natalie Watermeyer | Creative Feel Magazine: Kai Lossgott’s video artwork, Small and Common Matters, interrogates ‘the small, everyday violences’ perpetuated by a certain mindset, and calls attention to that which we do not see. Small and Common Matters is a 3-minute and 13-second video comprising found objects and images. ‘I stalk images… images in which you find […]

Kai Lossgott, (2015)

New Focus

AJ Opperman | Beeld Newspaper: Kai Lossgott, overall winner of the Barclays l’Atelier art award stands at the brink of a new kind of focus, a new awareness – also as artist.  He will actually soon be packing his bags for Paris, France. This forms part of his prize: a six-month long stay at the Cité […]


talking to the tree outside my window while I sleep

“With images delicate as pinpricks on skin, Kai Lossgott translates the dreaming human body into a universal anatomy of nerve and leaf and root – fragile but resilient. This luminous work is a love poem, an invocation, and a declaration of communion with a complex living world.” (Henrietta Rose-Innes, winner of the Caine Prize for […]


The Body Remembers Everything.

Cecile Ludolff | De Kat Magazine: Kai Lossgott studied journalism at Rhodes University, specialising in film, dance and physical theatre. He then did a post-grad diploma in visual arts, and a Masters in creative writing. It seems quite logical then, that the diverse strands of his many interests would be woven into the creation of his artworks. … […]


Letters from the Sky

Alexandra Dodd | Art South Africa Magazine: Last autumn, Kai Lossgott put out his first call for entries to artists and filmmakers around the planet to submit short experimental films that capture how they feel about climate change and the way it is affecting not just the world at large, but the environment as they experience it on their own back stoeps and […]

Book Cover

Green Art of Kai Lossgott.

Nelia Vivier | Get It Cape Town: A plant perceives in the same way human skin does. It scars, it heals.  It remembers. In doing so, it also lends vision to the incredible living art of contemporary artist Kai Lossgott. more>> Vivier, Nelia.  Green Art of Kai Lossgott.  Get It Cape Town, June 2011.


15 Minutes with Kai Lossgott

Ingrid Jones | Juice: “I am inspired by the experience of being silent in nature and realising that it has a living presence. Through spending time in nature, one comes to realise that, although we have removed nature from our urban lives, we are inextricably linked to it. My leaf engravings are simple but powerful statements […]


Breathing Life into the City

Suzy Bell | Cape Times:  He is fascinated by biocentricity and has worked with the delicacy of engraving a poem on to a leaf to reference cellular memory and engrams, he is interested in digital media and has created and directed experimental films and performed at poetry festivals. Artist Kai Lossgott says he is in […]


Swallow my Pride.

Margaret Stone |  A group show featuring work by Zanele Muholi, Andrew Putter, Pierre Fouche and Werner Ungerer, Ernst Van der Wal, Lizza Littlewort, Robert Hamblin, James Tayler, Julie Donald, Kai Lossgott, Jody Paulsen, Igshaan Adams, Genevieve Louw and Johke Steenkamp, William Martin, Lindsay Nel, Andrea Brand, and others. Curated by Margaret Stone, Dale Washkansky, […]


Infecting the City

Ruth Simbao |  Art South Africa : February, the orange and black cockroach logo was seen in Cape Town’s CBD, signalling Spier’s performance festival, Infecting the City, with its pertinent theme “Home Affairs”. In November last year, Jason Mkhwane, chairman of the ANC Youth League’s Sedibeng branch, told Al Jazeera, “When you see a cockroach in your […]


Interview with Kai Lossgott

Wilfried Agricola De Cologne | Video Channel Interview Project : Kai Lossgott is a South African writer and artist who works across media. His work is concerned with the act of sensing, with language, silence, and the vulnerable instincts which drive them. He lives and works in Cape Town. more>> De Cologne, Wilfried Agricola.  Interview with […]