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“With images delicate as pinpricks on skin, Kai Lossgott translates the dreaming human body into a universal anatomy of nerve and leaf and root – fragile but resilient. This luminous work is a love poem, an invocation, and a declaration of communion with a complex living world.”

Henrietta Rose-Innes, winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing 2008, on “Talking to the tree outside my window while I sleep”

“Captures the unfolding transnational zeitgeist of the twenty-first century.”

Alexandra Dodd, art writer and researcher, on LETTERS FROM THE SKY, Art South Africa Magazine, Vol 10 Issue 03, Autumn 2012.


Kai Lossgott scoops Barclays L’Atelier Award ’15.  South African Art Times (cover story), August 2015.

Errata:  The artist was awarded the Sylt Foundation Residency in 2013 by an independent jury as part of the foundation’s internal selection process, not by the l’Atelier.

Lyn Holm

Nuwe fokus. Beeld Newspaper, 17 July 2015.  (Afrikaans.)

New focus.  (English translation)

AJ Opperman

Winner of the 2015 Barclays l’Atelièr:  Kai Lossgott. Creative Feel Magazine, August / September 2015.

Natalie Watermeyer

The Body Remembers Everything. De Kat Magazine, July / August 2012. (English and Afrikaans edition.)

Cecile Ludolff

Letters from the Sky. Art South Africa Magazine, Vol 10 Issue 03, Autumn 2012.

Alexandra Dodd

15 Minutes with Kai Lossgott. Mango Juice Magazine, Johannesburg.

Green Art of Kai Lossgott. Get It Cape Town, June 2011.

Ingrid Jones

Nelia Vivier

Interview with Kai Lossgott. Waking in Plastic. The Politics of Representation and the Representation of Politics.  MoveStream, July 2010. Jeannette Ginslov (South Africa/Denmark)
2 July, 8:30 PM
SA FM, 8:30 PM – interview with Kai Lossgott Staff reporter.
2 July
Contemporary Art at Oude Libertas.  Eikestadnuus. Elbé van Heerden.  (South Africa)
2 July
Different faces of our country’s urban spaces.  Cue, National Arts Festival.  Vol 24.  No 13. Haley Gaunt.  (South Africa)
1 July
City Breath takes on urban pulse.  Cue Online.  National Arts Festival. Staff reporter.
1 July
Plant leaf engravings, hair knots exhibited.  Helderberg Pos/District Mail. Ilana Frantz. (South Africa)
28 May

Breathing Life into the City. Cape Times. (profile)

Suzy Bell. (South Africa)
25 May
Video poems tune into the pulse of the city.  Cape Argus. Atiyya Khan. (South Africa)
Swallow my Pride., February 2012. Margaret Stone
Infecting the City. Art South Africa, Vol 7.4, June 2009.Infecting the Infection, May 2009 Ruth Simbao
Myer Taub
24 November
Interview with Kai Lossgott. Video Channel Interview Project. Wilfried Agricola De Cologne (Germany)
1 August
Spier Contemporary 2007 exhibition
Hannes Calitz (South Africa)